All Roof Solutions

Ghonsla Construction (Pvt) Ltd has produced corrugated roofing and completed roof solutions since 2015. We serve residential and commercial markets from different locations in Chitral and surrounding regions.

All Ceiling Solutions

A ceiling can be much more than just a striking standout piece; it’s at its best when it also has a functional component. An important part of interior design is creating a healthy environment. The ceiling, because of its size, is a great way to focus on achieving optimal lighting, acoustics and creating an overall indoor climate where people are going to be as comfortable being in the room as they are looking at it.

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All Flooring Solutions

Flooring is the general term for the permanent covering of a floor, or for the work of installing such a floor covering. Floor covering is a term to generically describe any finish material applied over a floor structure to provide a walking surface.

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All Walling Solutions

We provide all kinds of walling solutions with modern tools and technology.

Cupboards, Racks and Cabinets

We provide all kinds of cupboards, racks, and cabinet solutions.

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Decoration items

We provide different types of decoration items.

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House, Office and Water Pipeline Insulation

We are providing and installing different insulative products for roofs, walls, and floors with our installation service. We mostly use the products of Jambolan Company, a subsidiary of Diamond Foam Company. 

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House and Office Insulation
Insulation will help you keep the desired temperature in your house all year round, protecting it against cold in winter and excess heat in summer. Insulation is also useful to reduce noise pollution. A well insulated house is very energy efficient and will need very little additional heating and cooling.
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Pipeline Insulation
Insulating water supply pipes in exposed areas of your home is a good idea for several reasons. In cold-winter climates of Chitral and Gilgit, water supply pipes that are exposed to exterior walls or unheated spaces may freeze, burst, and flood your home. We are providing materials with installed service to our valued customers



Furniture products includes local Kalasha, Nooristani, and Kashmiri home and office furniture

House doors and windows 

We are making house doors, windows, and other things on customised request with prior advance payment.

Wall Blocks

We are providing all kinds of wall blocks to our customers at comparatively cheap prices

All Bakery Solutions 

We provide all kinds of bakery solutions