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Our steady performance, over the years in diversified product and service offerings in the Chitral, Gilgit Baltistan and local markets, ensures the safety of your investment. The continued trust of our investors and stakeholders is a testament to their belief in us! 
Sample Ghonsla Construction (Private) Ltd “GC”
Company Registration No 0152640
Traded in Chitral, Dir and Gilgit Baltistan

Why would you invest in our company? 
1. Our company is once the most famous and trusted company in North Pakistan, which is trusted by everyone because we receive full payment from the customer before every construction work, and the customer happily pays before construction. It’s people’s trust in this company. 
2. We complete projects with materials in the construction sector and also sell the equipment to them. because of which our annual sales are high. Hence, your goods will be sold very soon. 
3. The people of Chitral and other areas have great faith in our company, team, and artisans. Because of this, our annual growth is very high. 
4. We have monthly and annual audits, due to which fraud is eliminated. 
5. We have state-of-the-art financial sector systems that make it easier for us to plan business and other matters. 
6. We have the best educated and experienced team; someone has the ability to successfully meet every business goal. 
7. Our company has the best means and procedures to trade. 
The investment procedures are as follows: An investor can invest directly from his capital or buy goods and give them to the company for sale. 
Sell your products 
Ghonsla Construction’s supply chain is vibrant, trusted, and dynamic for supplying construction materials in the entire Northern Pakistan (Chitral, Dir and Gilgit Baltistan).
We have a system of stores for the entire building’s equipment. You can keep cement, iron, iron sheet, MDF sheet, PVC, insulation materials, glass, aluminium door windows, carpets, tiles, marbles, water pipes, etc. in our store. 
Why can you keep the goods with us for sale? 
1. We currently have the best teams in Pakistan who can sell your goods reliably. 
2. We have the latest in digital marketing in Pakistan. 
3. We have extensive experience working in the construction sector and selling goods۔
4. Our stores are located in very safe places۔
5. We guarantee the safety of our investors. 
6. Our sales growth is 50% annually. 
7. There are modern systems of statistics. 
8. The chances of loss are negligible. 
9. The goods and purchases of our stores are calculated daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. 
10. We have successfully completed more than 2,000 construction projects.

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