We bring together the most professional and talented team members sharing an uncompromising belief in providing our clients the highest quality customer service, creative design and decoration. By doing the little extras, we strive to set the standard of excellence in our company.

To provide services to the underserved market in the Northern parts of Pakistan.

Company Profile


Since some years ago, we have been strongly committed to providing our customers with the highest level of services in the building and construction materials. Building and maintaining relationships with our customers are at the heart of our business and we have a planning and management style that is consultative and systematic.

Our senior management has rich experience in construction sector since 2010. In June 2020, Ghonsla Construction (Pvt) Ltd has been made as a private limited company. It has been incorporated with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Ghonsla is a member of “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chitral” , Govt of Punjab and “Tijar Union Chitral”. Ghonsla has also registered with international institutions like Harward I-Lab, Y-Combinator, Standford University and PFAN etc. This company aim is to facilitate complete solution of construction and services. It has wider approach of corporate culture and operations than its competitors. We believe in a proactive approach to all aspects of our business in particular to quality, safety and delivery. By getting this right, we give our customers confidence and peace of mind during the process of planning, design and construction. We directly employ the largest and most experienced construction team in Chitral and Gilgit and we have the ability to deliver any scale of construction project. Our team is comprised professional entrepreneurs, engineers and dynamic team of workers. 

Below is a document regarding the quality of work between our company and others, after reading it you will have no doubts about the company.

گھونسلا اور دوسروں کے کاموں میں فرق

Company hierarchy structure

company hierarchy structure

Our promise

We currently carry out construction services in one of the most difficult places and inhospitable conditions of the world where conditions are extremely dire. The roads and weather are extremely dangerous and harsh respectively. We provide services to the people of Hindu Kush and Himalaya. It is a promise to all our customers that we provide quality of work at all times and in all situations so that our customers will be satisfied with our work.

  • To provide best-quality construction services in a reliable professional manner, to produce a quality product that is completed on time, on budget, and to provide our clients with a great construction experience that exceeds their hope.
  • To endow with a great work environment for all of our associates and trade contractors by supplying an ethical and trustworthy environment that consistently strives to exceed our clients’ expectations with a sense of exigency and care.
  • To consistently improve our performance and offer added value services to our customers.
  • We stand behind our work on every project and strive for excellence. handshake, shake hands, hand holding-4002834.jpg
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About CEO

Hidayat ur Rahman is a seasoned ethnographer, archivist, historian, entrepreneur, business leadership consultant, supply chain specialist, and trainer. He is leading the transformation of energy efficiency service providers in one of the most challenging environments in Pakistan. As CEO, Hidayat aligns strategic vision with a strong understanding of local customer needs and operation requirements across the value chain- growing Ghonsla’s customer reach and sales fourfold, training and mobilising a team of over a hundred people, and effectively introducing and managing innovative product financing. 

He spent eight years at a Lahore based international company, achieving the company’s business, social, and strategic goals. During his tenure, the company has successfully tested product mix and value chain management strategies. His trained personnel are serving in various national and international organisations, and some have set up their own institutions individually.

Hidayat holds an MBA from a public university and master’s degrees in the fields of History, Political Science, International Relations and Commerce. He has also received certifications in the fields of venture advancement, advanced entrepreneurship, sustainable innovations, business operations, commerce, ethnography, library sciences, interior design, and carpentry from LUMS, Sarlaandes/NICL, Standford, Packages Ltd, BTE, Florence, AIOU, CWCC, and BISE Peshawar, respectively. Hidayat ur Rahman is also the CEO of Chitral Printing and Publication (SMC-Private) Limited and Scylax Consultancy (Private) Limited.


The ultimate goal of teamwork is to made progress towards our common vision of customer satisfaction.

Chitral architect

Iftikhar Ahmad

Chief Architect

Shams Ellahi

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Shahid Yaftali

Legal Advisor

Imtiaz Ahmad: Warehouse and Supply Chain Lead

He belongs to an ancient architectural family in Chitral. His forefathers built the famous “Baipashes” (Traditional Room) of Chitral, including the Baipash of Hakim Koh “Imam Subidar”, the Baipash of Ataliq Sarfaraz Shah, the Baipash of Wali ur Rehman advocate etc. He has obtained a master’s degree in Urdu and a certificate in drawing. Imtiaz has long experience in carpentry, carving, wood drawings and interior work. His brother runs “Chitral Wood Working and Carving Centre,” the oldest woodworking institution in Chitral. He is presently Warehouse and Supply Chain Manager of Ghonsla. Imtiaz is responsible for the overview of supply and procurement transactions for the company. He has command in following items with carvings.

ٖFamily Legacy of Imtiaz Ahmad

                                                                                                                                        Mazhar Ali

Mazhar Ali belongs to the Chapali village of Mastuj. He got his education from Gilgit. After that, he has worked with different institutions. Presently, he is overseeing the marketing section of the company.

Samiullah: Chief Carpenter

Samiullah belongs to the village of Kari on the outskirts of Chitral city. He has twenty years of experience in carpentry. Samiullah is skilled in doing all the tasks of carpentry. His work is very clean and innovative. Samiullah holds the position of chief carpenter in the company.

what is ghonsla constructionBokhari FrameDining room Racks

                                                                                                                                                                 Mir Afzal: Team Lead

He has expertise in every field of construction. He is a carpenter, electrician, plumber, and marketing expert at the same time. He has five years of experience.

Qazi Sajjad: Senior Carpenter

Amjad Hayat: Installer

He is young and energetic carpenter of the company. 

Amjad Hayat has been associated with us for the past seven years. He belongs to Broze village of Chitral. Amjad has rich experience in drywall, fall ceiling and other works. He has done more than 50000 sq.ft. Presently he works as “Chief Installer” at Ghonsla.



Safirullah: Senior Marketing Associate & Carpenter

Safirullah belongs to Terich area of

Upper Chitral. He has been associated with carpentry sector for the last fifteen years. He is working with the company since 2017.

Syeda Zainab Bibi

Syeda Zainab Bibi belongs to Parwak area of Upper Chitral. She is promoting the works of the company since 2020. Because of her, the company has grown tremendously in this area. The best work award has been given because of her excellent work

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Core Team of Chitral Business Unit


Carpenter, Mason and Installation Team