Ghonsla Construction (Pvt) Ltd

Ghonsla Construction Company, with three years of experience in Chitral and Northern Pakistan, is a top construction company known for quality, innovation, integrity and growth. No client claims or complaints, just successful projects. In addition to construction, we have created a Ghonsla online store for our customers to buy various construction materials and household items, where they can order all kinds of goods and services۔

Ghonsla; Who we are?


Since 2020, we have been strongly committed to providing our customers with the highest level of services in the construction sector. Maintaining relationships with our customers is at the heart of our business, and we have a planning and management style that is consultative and systematic. Ghonsla Construction (Pvt) Ltd has been incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), PPRA, IPO, NEECA, PTA, Govt of Punjab and FBR. GC is a member of the “Chamber of Commerce of Chitral” and the “Tijar Union Chitral”. This company works to provide a complete solution for building materials and services. It has a wider approach to corporate culture and operations than its competitors. We believe in a proactive approach to all aspects of our business, in particular quality, safety, and delivery. By getting this right, we give our customers confidence and peace of mind during the process of planning, design, and construction. We directly employ the largest and most experienced construction team in Northern Pakistan (Chitral and Gilgit), and we have the ability to deliver any scale of construction project. Most of our engineers are registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council. Green marketing is also a major service of Ghonsla Construction (Pvt) Ltd. 


This company successfully achieves its annual and strategic targets every year. Since its inception, this company has not received any grant, investment, or loan from any institution or person. Her success has included the love and encouragement of the people of Chitral, Gilgit, and Dir. for which we are deeply grateful to them. A book has been written about this company for its success and for giving the world a unique business idea. The name of the book is “Business Without Money: A Case Study of Unique Business Mechanisms in Ghonsla Construction.” Different national and international organisations are researching this success story.

Green Business in Chitral and Gilgit

We are entering a phase of technological innovation. Green-growth opportunities are leading the way, and business models for resource efficiency are emerging at a fast pace. We, the Ghonsla, have climate-focused innovations, from prefunded start-ups and unicorns to entrepreneurial incumbents. We help them build new clients that drive global sustainability efforts. We support clients through every stage of the journey, from strategic vision to market assessments, sustainable product design, financing, and talent strategy. Forest preservation and employment generation Forests constitute some of the most complex natural ecosystems in the world. The environment may be analysed by a number of factors, such as soil, moisture, wind, temperature, etc. The psycho physiological influence of trees in the form of purified air, clean water, rest and recreation, scenic enjoyment, reduced noise level, and spiritual replenishment is being fully appreciated. The major part of a healthy environment is the forest. Traditionally, we, the inhabitants of Chitral and Gilgit depend on the woods of Diyar and Russian willows. By using non forest and eco-products in the construction of buildings, especially in ceilings, we have saved at least 5000 trees of wood and Russian willow. This is our major contribution to the environment in northern Pakistan. It has also come to our attention that using insulation in houses, shops, and offices results in a considerable decrease in the usage of firewood. Due to the use of eco-friendly materials, deforestation in Chitral and Gilgit has come down considerably. We are working to protect forests to the best of our limited resources. We believe that it is also our responsibility to be agents of social change through job creation. Our HR department is a vibrant organ of our company; we hire interns on an annual basis purely on merit. To date, we have trained more than fifty interns, employees, and technical workers. Many people were unemployed in different parts of Chitral and due to unemployment, they used to go to the forests and fetch firewood for their homes. By creating employment, the conservation of forests and wildlife has been greatly preserved. In our HR policy, we prefer to employ people from the area where they bring firewood from the forests or go hunting there in times of unemployment. This will help improve the environmental challenges in Pakistan.

Our HR policy also requires that an employee, before joining the company, sign an agreement with the company to plant five trees per year. Without it, he will not be paid for the job. Appropriate compensation will also be given to those who planted more trees than this. For this reason, planting trees will have a better effect on climate change.

Regular Construction Force

Regular Construction Force

Our Products

Quality products

We are providing the best quality solutions of Roof, Ceiling, Flooring, Walling. We also provide Cupboards, Racks, Cabinets, Decoration Items, Furniture, House Doors, Windows, Wall Blocks, and all Bakery Solutions.

Flooring chitral Pakistan
Flooring chitral Pakistan

Our Services

Quality Service

We are providing best quality services of Carpentry, Real Estate, Supply Of Labor, Electrification, Mapping, Interior Designing, Houses Makeover, Pipe Fittings, Cost Estimation, Quality checking, Procurement Solutions and Consultancy. 

Nasirullah is the brand ambassador of Ghonsla, He is the most famous polo player in Chitral and Gilgit. Nasirullah is also a customer of the company and says that Ghonsla Construction did a great job facilitating construction services. He has recommended other peoples of Chitral and Gilgit take advantage of the services of Ghonsla Construction. 

Company Registrations & Affiliations

Our Institutional Customers

Ghonsla Construction (Pvt) Limited has completed three years of business operations in Chitral and surrounding districts of Northern Pakistan, and today we are one of the leading construction companies in the fields of innovation, quality, and growth. All of this work has been made possible by the hard work and efforts of our team and our esteemed customers. We had successful innovations and executions in the field of construction. 

We feel proud to say that in the operation of the company, we have neither obtained any claims nor been in litigation or complaint with any of our clients. 

Some of our main modules of work are the following:

1. All Roof Solutions

2. All Wall Solutions

3. All Painting Solutions

4. All Labor Solutions

5. All Procurement Solutions

6. All Water Pipeline Solutions

7. All Floor Solutions

8. All Consulting Solutions

9. All Estimation Solutions

10. All Interior Designing Solution

11. Furniture

12. Quality Assessment

13. Electrification

14. Aluminum and Glass works

15. Fiber Glass

16. Border Fencing

17. Insulation Solutions

18. Mapping

19. Supply of sand and gravel

20. Real Estate