All Roof Solutions

Ghonsla Construction (Pvt) Ltd has produced corrugated roofing with completed roof solutions since 2015. We serve residential and commercial markets from locations in Chitral and surrounding regions.

We are offering roofing into six steps which are

Truss Making wood and Steel

1. Truss Making wood and Steel

قانچی سوزیک

2. Warrandah works

موخینو سنچیر وا تھونان چکھیک

Construction company chitral

قانچیان وا بتان چکھیک

3. Truss, rifter and purlan installation
chitral best

ٹیمان چھکیک

4. Ji sheets installation
chitral best


5. Ceilings

رنگ کوریک

6. Paintings
Painting Chitral