We Provide The Best Service In Construction Industry

Ghonsla Construction is providing the following below services. Feel free to reach us out.

Carpentry Solutions
We offer well trained and highly innovative pipe fitters, masons, and carpenters to our customers.
Real Estate
We are dealing buying and selling of plots. Purchase, sale and rent of house/shop/flat. Also, we deal the legal matters.
Supply of Labor
We are providing all kind of labors.
Electricity in chitral
Ghonsla is providing highly demanded all kind of electrical & electrification services.
chitral building design
We can design a home to suit your requirements and meet the regulations also, process your Permit applications so that you are ready to start.
Interior Designing
Our designers have worked on some of the mainly iconic architecture projects in Chitral. We provide affordable and quality interior decoration services where the design speaks for itself.
Houses Makeover
We are to ensure your home remodel goes smoothly, establish a detailed timeline and max budget for the project.
Pipe fittings chitral
Pipe fittings
We have dynamic team of plumpers for taking any kinds of pipe fittings. Ghonsla is providing water piping materials with installation service.
Cost Estimation
Cost Estimation
We have experienced cost estimators team, they can estimate the approximation of the cost of a program, project, or operation.
Quality Checking chitral project
Quality Checking
Our experienced quality checking experts will test units and determining if they are within the specifications for the final product
Procurement Solutions chitral
Procurement Solutions
We are providing procurement solutions with technological tools that help a business manage its procure-to-pay process effectively
consultancy chitral
We are providing consultancy or expert advice on a particular subject which a person or group is paid to provide to a company or organization.